You ask what shrine is? Here we go to help!

Shrines are websites dedicated to certain topic, like book character, musician, game, anime or manga heroes and so on. They usually are very in depth, containing basic info but also very often analysis of said subject or just very extended information interwinted with personal opinions.

As most of shrine makers do also fanlistings, there is a stright difference between these two website kinds. Shrine is like our tribute to certain thing, it can contain a fanlisting, but doesn’t need to be joinable or contain it. Basically, no rule is settled in making a shrine, they are completely creators’ brain children.

Shrines were present in www since around ’98 and maybe now aren’t as popular as back in those good old days, but we try to keep them alive and thriving.

You want to share what shrines mean to you or how you see them, to explain others the idea better? Feel free to mail me at thevampyreassassin @ gmail.com!

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