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  Added: Heavenly Creature   //     Mal   //     04 Oct 2020

Listed another site today.

Heavenly Creature – Connor (Angel) shrine and fanlisting.

Tale a look!

  Added: Eternally Yours   //     Mal   //     04 Oct 2020

Added a new shrine!

Eternally Yours – Fanlisting and Shrine for Claddagh Rings


  Added: Meow Goddess   //     Mal   //     02 Oct 2020

Added a shrine for the Egyptian goddess, Bastet.

Meow Goddess

Enjoy browsing!

  Added: Brody-Shrine.com   //     Mal   //     29 Sep 2020

Added a new shrine to the directory!

Brody-Shrine.com – a tribute to Adrien Brody

Thanks for joining with your shrine, Patricia!

  Added: The Coven   //     Mal   //     20 Sep 2020

I added the first shrine to the directory:

The Coven – Anne Rice shrine and fansite

Enjoy browsing, if you are interested! The site is listed under Literature and Movies and TV.

  Forum is ready!   //     Mal   //     18 Sep 2020

I settled the forum – I hope you like my choice on SFM, I think it’s easy to customize and fun with additional modifications and karma and all which I plan to add today/tomorrow.

The forum is pretty naked so please, if you have ideas for topic, make one! I hope we can create a friendly and accepting community.

  Welcome to Fleurs du Mal   //     Mal   //     18 Sep 2020

Hello, all!

I have a pleasure to announce that the shrines community Fleurs du Mal has been brought to life, at this very day.

I work on section, while shrine addition is already open and you can list your websites already. I think it won’t take a lot of time, to finish the site completely in upcoming week.

Take care and see you on – upcoming too – forum!